house.jpgIn this unit you will study the advantages and disadvantages of renting vs. buying a home. Then you will complete a project where you get to buy a house.

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Timeline: This unit should take you about 11 class days to complete. To the side of each assignment you will find a estimate of how many days the assignment should take you to complete. This should help you fill out your calendar for the quarter and your daily log.

Instructions: The PowerPoint is linked on this page. See the Housing three ring binder to get other materials needed.

Assignment 1: (1 day) Housing Vocabulary
  • Use the "Economic Education for Consumers" text to look up the vocabulary words. You can make note cards and quiz each other on the terms. You must understand what each term means and how to apply each term before you move on to assignment 2.

Assignment 2: (4 days) Rule Your Own Roost Task 1
  • You must schedule time with Mrs. Schluckebier at the beginning of this assignment
  • Pick your family situation with Mrs. Schluckebier
  • Then begin task 1; scoring guide found in housing 3 ring binder

Assignment 3: (5 days) Rule Your Own Roost Task 2

Assignment 4: (1 day) Test over vocabulary