In this unit you will learn about the basics of investing, how to buy and sell stocks, and the importance of investing for your retirement.

Timeline: This unit should take you around 16 class days to complete. To the side of each assignment you will find a estimate of how many days the assignment should take you to complete. This should help you fill out your calendar for the quarter and your daily log.

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Instructions: The PowerPoints are linked on this page. See the Investing three ring binder to get other materials needed.

Assignment 1: (10 minutes) Complete the Pretest
  • If you didn't know very many answers on this test keep the test in your folder and look at it daily to see if you can answer any of them you didn't know or got wrong. By the end of this unit you should be able to answer all of the questions.

Assignment 2: (1 day) "Economic Education for Consumers" Text read pg 288-292 take notes by creating a web...you may use SmartIdeas or use organizer in 3 ring binder.

Assignment 3: (1 day) View "Investors/Investing" PowerPoint and answer question in 3 ring binder.

Assignment 4: (1/2 day) View "What's a Stock Market" and complete Activity 3

Assignment 5: (1.5 days) View "Language of Financial Markets" PowerPoint

Assignment 6: (3 days) Stock Market Terminology....tying it all together

Assignment 7: (5 days) Investment PBL

Assignment 8: (1 day) View "How to Buy Stocks and Bonds"

Assignment 9: (15 minutes) Enter Stocks into Excel and track them for the rest of the semester.
  • You will need to schedule time with Mrs. Schluckebier to begin this assignment

Assignment 10: (1 day) Investing for Your Retirement "Economic Education for Consumers" Text read pg 316-321 and answer the "try these" questions on pg 321

Assignment 11: (1 day) Overall Test over Investing